Renewal of your registration

The online renewal procedure is open three months before the expiration of your registration validity (registration date + 2 years); before this date, you can follow a FinSA continuing training course recognised by the register (see below), but it is not possible to submit your renewal application.

You can obtain the expiration date by signing in to your account with your email and password. The date is on the page that appears immediately afterwards.

Three months before the expiration date, you will be automatically informed by email that the renewal procedure is now open for you, and that you have 3 months to submit your renewal application (form).

In addition to a number of confirmations, you will be asked to provide a certificate of completion of your FinSA continuing training, and you must plan this training so that you can provide this certificate when you apply for renewal.

This continuing training is mandatory and separate from the basic FinSA training, for which you provided a certificate when you registered. See the list of recognised training courses recognised by the register. Continuing training courses can be found at the end of the list, under "Recurrent Training".

If you already have a FinSA continuing training certificate, please keep it until you are notified that the renewal procedure is open to you; you will then be able to import your certificate into your renewal application. There is no use sending it before by using a modification request, it will not be taken into account.

Warning! If you do not submit your renewal application on the platform during the 3 months you will be given, your registration will be automatically deleted. It is not possible to submit the renewal application after the expiry date of the validity of your registration, which is the last day of these 3 months. Several automatic reminders will be sent to you throughout the 3-month period, to draw your attention to this deadline.